VADR Members

Below you can access the personal profiles of members who offer their services direct to the public and have provided information about themselves to assist you in finding a suitable practitioner for your needs.  

VADR members embrace a range of dispute resolution methods such as mediation, conciliation, arbitration, negotiation, facilitation and collaborative law.

Please contact these members directly for further information.


Murray Bickerdike
David Bryson
Helen Collins
Angela Cowan
Jim Cyngler OAM
Marguerite Desmond
Keryn Foley
Wendy Gaddie
Richard Godfrey
Stephen Graham
Jodie Grant
Christine McCarthy
Mark Hebblewhite
Hemming Mediation
Dennis Liner
Cynthia Logan
Ange O'Connor
Dr Jennifer Paratz
Glen Pauline
Rivka Irina Pestun
Robyn Roberson
James Robertson
Geoff Robinson
John Rundell
Rob Simpson
Peter Singer
Cathy Symington, PhD
Bruce Turner
Brian Williams
Max Wright









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