Alexander (Sandy) Woolley BA LLB

Nationally Accredited Mediator NMAS
Resolution Institute Professional

Sandy WoolleyAlexander (known as Sandy) works with parties in dispute to reach a mutually acceptable agreement without going to court. This includes assisting parties in general commercial disputes, wills and estates and family property disputes as well as helping families affected by separation and divorce to make parenting and financial decisions.

Sandy is a Director of Spectrum Law and Mediations. He has been admitted to practice as a Legal Practitioner since 1991 and has worked almost exclusively in commercial negotiations since 2001. As well as being a Lawyer with extensive commercial negotiation experience,

Sandy has been a Nationally Accredited Mediator since 2014.

Contact Details
47 Whitehorse Road
Deepdene VIC 3103
03 9817 3480


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