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As a Recognised Mediation Accreditation Body (RMAB) in accordance with the Australian National Mediator Standards, VADR is able to offer Mediator Accreditation to members who meet these national standards. Please note that members who are Accredited Mediators with other RMAB organisations are automatically eligible for Accreditation as a mediator with VADR. The Mediator Standards Board has set a fee of $100 for accreditation, which must be renewed every two years. The application forms are available via the links below.

*** NMAS Approval and Practice Standards 1 July 2015 ***
These standards need to be read thoroughly before applying for national accreditation.Click here to download a PDF file of the NMAS Approval and Practice Standards 1 July 2015.


It is your responsibility to ensure that applications for reaccreditation are submitted in a timely manner. As long as the MSB has your correct email address, you should be notified 60 days before your accreditation expires, giving you plenty of time to lodge your reaccreditation application. The task of assessing and approving applications is performed by volunteers, who have other jobs. If you do not submit your application in plenty of time, your reaccreditation may be delayed until after the renewal date.

Click here to download an Accreditation Application form to be completed, scanned and emailed to VADR

Click here to download a Reaccreditation Application form to be completed, scanned and emailed to VADR

Application process:
1. Print out and complete the application form, then scan your completed form.
2. Email the scan of your completed form to, ensuring that you have also provided, in the form of pdf attachments to your email, all required supporting documents..
3. Deposit/transfer $100 (being two years' MSB fees) into the Victorian Association for Dispute Resolution bank account (BSB 06-3009, Account number 1018 2266). Please remember to include your name in the reference field so that we can identify your payment. .

Note: Your application cannot be forwarded to the Accreditation Sub-Committee for consideration until all of the above steps have been fully completed.

Institutions offering training and courses recognised by VADR for the purposes of Mediator Accreditation:
(This list is not exhaustive; other courses will be considered by the Association)

Bond University
Latrobe University
Mediation Institute
Monash University
Relationships Australia
Resolution Institute



Sue Ackerly
Sheree Anderson
Emma Andrianopoulos
Sophie Andrianopoulos
Natalie Ashdown
Elisha Baulch
Annabelle Benemerito-Mendoza
Romani Benjamin
Murray Bickerdike
Nicole Botterill
Michael Bourne
Marney Bowden
Evette Breitzke
Catherine Brophy
Damien Browne
Lynn Buchanan
Zoe Burdock
Romano Campagna
Kathleen Carew
Storm Carnie
Samuel Chappel
Paula Chelan
Conrad Chellapen
Agnes Cheung
Giuseppina (Jo) Ciach
Catherine Ciccone
John Cleary
Ian Clyde
Sean Coley
Anna Lee Cribb
Elisha Cridge
William Crotty
Catherine Davies
Anita De Blasio
Josephine De Blasio
Aruni De Silva
Rowyn Dickins
Dermot Dignam
Adam Dinelli
Patrick Donnellan
Wendy Droney
John Edwards
Leila Eskandar
Keith Fagg
Cherie Ford
Melanie Fraser
Naomi Furlong
Martin Furse
Wendy Gaddie
Zac Galbally
Fernando J Gallieto
D Kumudu K Gamalath
Erica Gatto
Libbie Geason
Angelo Gheno
Tiah Louise Gibson-Booth
Ariella Gild
Richard Allan Godfrey
Stephen Graham
Shirley Grant
Anthony Grimes
Tara Haddock
Hiba Hameed
Dhandwar Harpreet 
Michael Heffernan
Karen Hermann
Elizabeth Herszfeld 
Sandy Hirschfield
Jennifer Hitchman
Stephen Hickman
Hannah Hill
Catherine Hobson
Clinton Hodgart
Tiffany Hogben
Rhys Jaconley
Daniel Jade
Kate James
Susan Joseph
Meray Kahla
Sonya Karo
David W L Katona
Jeff Katz
Costa Koutsoukis
Kathleen Lambeth
Felicity Lathrop
Heather Leslie
Marg Leser
Kwan Li
Jenny Liu
Cynthia Logan
Simran Lotey
Terri Lourey
Danielle Lundberg
Rachel McCoy
Indar Rohit Maharaj
Ghada Maher
Julia Manning
Bridget Mannix
Amie Marom
David Martin
Heather McIntosh
Madison Medic
Clive Meltzer
Lauren Menhennitt
Louise Millar-Hoffmann
Stuart Miller
Liz Monkivitch
Lucy Moran
Shaun Denis Moran
Souana Mouawad
Joe Mundine
Richard Naffa
Shuchi Nanda
Kylie Nicholson
Eloise Norman
Erin O'Brien
Olufunmilola Akin Ojelabi
Renee Ollier
Terry O'Loughlin
Fatin Osman
Meriel O'Sullivan
Andrea Carolina Pane
Jennifer Paratz
Gene Parini
Emma Peyton
Stacey Pilsworth
Christina Platz
Anya-Elise Pollock
David Ramlu
Barry Ranson
Liese Rhodary
Sharon Ritchie
Evelyn Robertson
James Robertson
Geoffrey Peter Robinson
Crystal Roman
Monique Rosshandler
Dolores Sanding
Mark Sampson
Ena Shaw
Erin Siede
Nicole Simmonds
Katie Simmonds
Amanda Frances Skopilianos
Ellen Slater
Helen Smart
Ian Smith
Allison Standish
Katie Stark
Sally Szmerling
Judy Tang
Mary Tanner
Alan Taylor
Elizabeth Clare Thom
Erene Thomaidis
Cheryl Thomas
James Thompson
Hugh Thompson
Vince Thorne
Catherine Tregillis
Katerina Tsipos
Jacinta Tyrrell
Hank van Ravenstein
Eva Wakim
Neville Walker
Carmen Welch
Marie Whitby
Kate White
Max Wright
Emine Yavuz
Teresa Zerella
Adam Zunica

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