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The current annual subscription is $105. Newly joining members are charged $95 for their first year (or $47.50 if you join after 27 November 2023.) Once formally approved, your membership will be current until 30 June 2024.


VADR provides a range of services and benefits for members:

  • Eight to ten continuing professional development (CPD) presentations are arranged by the VADR Committee each year, cost-free for members, with VADR workshops offered at a nominal fee. These events provide great networking opportunities to members and ADR practitioners from other organisations.
  • Support and mentoring for private practitioners through regular meetings of our ‘Private Practitioner Special Interest Group’.
  • Assessment of applications for National Mediator Accreditation is cost-free for members (please click here for Accreditation information or to fill out the application for National Mediator Accreditation), with assessment of mediation videos available at a reasonable rate.
  • Provision of complaints-handling investigation and resolution (necessary for national accreditation and for family dispute resolution practitioners).
  • Regular ADR Event Bulletins listing local, national and international ADR news, events and training.
  • Regular notification of job opportunities in the ADR field.
  • Access to Member Only information on our website including notes from past professional development sessions.
  • Special member rates for a variety of courses. We are not affiliated with specific commercial organisations or training providers, so are able to negotiate arrangements with a variety of organisations.
  • Active representation and liaison by the VADR Committee of Management with other ADR organisations, academic institutions, and state and federal governments to ensure that VADR members are included and kept informed of broader and emerging issues.
  • Information on available courses - from half-day to PhD - run by community groups, commercial organisations and universities.
  • Encouragement to our members undertaking Masters and PhD studies by facilitating research contacts and introductions within our membership and collegiate network.


VADR members are engaged in ADR in a variety of ways on a full-time, part-time or occasional basis. Many use one or more ADR processes and techniques.

Some have primary occupations in other fields where they use ADR.

Our members include: professional, full-time mediators, dispute resolvers for complaints schemes and ombudsmen, sessional mediators on government panels, lawyers, occasional mediators for community mediation programs, professionals and HR managers who negotiate or facilitate in their own workplace, humanitarian workers dealing with intercultural disputes, teachers, financial counsellors who negotiate for their clients, industry negotiators, academics, researchers, town planners, valuers and local government staff.

They are brought together by a common interest in learning more about ethical, respectful methods of ADR.

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