Robyn Roberson

Robyn Roberson is the Principal with Conflict and Dispute Resolvers, specialising in workplace Mediation, Group Facilitation, Conflict Coaching and managing conflict training.

Robyn Roberson is an Accredited Mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System and has extensive experience in workplace Conflict Resolution in a major Commonwealth government department. She is an experienced Mediator, Conflict Coach, Interactive Problem Solver, Group facilitator and Trainer.

Robyn has mediated in excess of 70 single and multi party disputes that deal with conflict issues between individuals and teams, and she also conducted a range of Workplace Group Facilitations.

Robyn has trained and coached individuals and groups across a range of topics including Communication Skills, Difficult Conversations, Negotiation Skills, Team Building, Workplace Behaviour, Equity and Diversity, Complaint Management processes and Workplace Bullying.

Robyn is also responsible for the Professional Development and accreditation of the Defence Victorian and Tasmanian Mediator Panel and Defence Victorian and Tasmanian Conflict Coaching panel. She is also jointly responsible for the Defence Equity Network in Victoria and Tasmania and is the joint Complaint Management Advisor for Victoria and Tasmania.

Robyn is an Accredited Member of LEADR (Association of Dispute Resolvers) and regularly coaches and assesses mediators undertaking mediation training with LEADR.

Specialised areas of practice 

  • Workplace Conflict between individuals including Conflict Coaching and Mediation
  • Workplace Conflict within teams including Mediation, Group Facilitation Interactive Problem Solving and training
  • Preventative Conflict Resolution training in Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Difficult Conversations and workplace bullying
  • Community Mediation


  • Mediator Accredited to Australian Mediator National Standards, 2008
  • Accredited Mediator LEADR
  • Mediation Accreditation under Mediation Act 1997, trained through LEADR 2003
  • Accredited CINERGY® Conflict Coach
  • Group Facilitator
  • Coach and Assessor at LEADR mediator practitioner training courses
  • Department of Defence Accredited Mediator
  • Department of Defence Accredited Conflict Coach
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

ADR training

  • Mastery in Mediation – Peter Adler (2012)
  • Stress Management and Resilience  (2012)
  • Managing Unacceptable Behaviour Complaints - NSW Ombudsman (2012)
  • Ethical Intelligence and Decision Making – St James Ethics Centre (2011)
  • Conflict Leadership – CLE Consulting (2011)
  • Group Facilitation – Department of Justice and Attorney General  (QLD) (2010)
  • Working with Emotions in Mediation – Professional Facilitators International (2010)
  • Assessing and Managing Power Imbalances in ADR – Roundtable Dispute Management (2010)
  • Advanced Mediation  – Department of Justice and Attorney General  (QLD) (2010)
  • Community Mediation – Dispute Settlement Centre (Victoria) (2009)
  • Defence Complaints Management Advisor (2008)
  • Workplace Conferencing – Proactive Resolutions (2007)
  • Advanced Mediation – University of Queensland (2007)
  • CINERGY® Intensive Conflict Coaching (2007)
  • CINERGY® Conflict Coaching (2007)
  • Defence Accredited Mediator (2007)
  • Defence Equity Adviser (2007)
  • LEADR Mediation Training (2003)


  • LEADR Panel of Mediators
  • Victorian Alternative Dispute Resolution (VADR)
  • Department of Defence Mediator Practitioner Panel (Victoria and Tasmania)
  • Department of Defence Conflict Coach Practitioner Panel (Victoria and Tasmania)
  • Conflict Coaching Network (Victorian Government)


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