Max Wright MAASW

Max Wright

Registered Accredited Social Worker
Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
N ationally Accredited Mediator.

Background Summary

Max has formal qualifications in social work and theology. He has over 40 years’ experience in community services, initially in child, youth and family services and for the last 15 years in mediation, Family Dispute Resolution and quality assurance/quality improvement. His employment has ranged across practice, project work, clinical supervision and management, in both government and non-government agencies including church based and secular community services. Most recently he was employed at Relationships Australia Victoria for some 8 years, where he was initially a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, subsequently Practice Leader FDR, and finally Senior Manager Practice Quality.   


Max offers the following services through Wright Mediation:

  • Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). This includes:
    # Dispute resolution services to couples once they have separated;
    # Child Inclusive FDR, in collaboration, where school aged children are seen separately, and feedback subsequently provided to the parents;
    # Dispute resolution services to couples who are still living together, and who have not separated, where they are likely to be affected by separation or divorce.
  • Conjoint Mediation and Therapy (CoMeT).
    # CoMeT involves the provision of a joint service by two practitioners: a mediator (FDR Practitioner) and a counsellor (or therapist), where the mediator and counsellor work together but flexibly, with the agreement of both parties.
    # CoMeT is helpful where both parties recognise that there may be unresolved emotional matters affecting their ability to resolve their differences, and where they are willing to address these matters.
    # By arrangement between the practitioners, fees are charged as if only one practitioner was involved.
  • Facilitation: Facilitated conversations are offered to individuals, groups or organisations across a range of community based or workplace contexts, to address unresolved disputes.
  • Clinical Supervision: Supervision of individuals or groups providing FDR, or providing other community service work. Available at Cheltenham or offsite (including via telephone or Skype) by arrangement.

Contact details

Rooms at: 12 Chesterville Rd., Cheltenham.
Postal correspondence to: PO Box 119  Mentone Vic. 3194
M: 0429 168812



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